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© 2010

The following images were included in the BFAP group exhibit at the French Hotel, Oct 2010.

Spirit of the Waterfall

"Spirit of the Waterfall" by Hiroshi Morimoto

Red, angles & lines

"Red, angles & lines"     by Allan Steinbrugge

  Aaron Aarons

"Aaron Aarons"     by Becky Jaffe

Worship Contained image

"Worship Contained"     by Bruce Temuchin Brown

Torse Classique

"Torse Classique"     by Michael Slack

"En Pointe, dans Robe Verte "     by Molly Kate Tay;or

"Snow Among Cedars "     by Barbara Lee

Moonlit Raven

"Moonlit Raven"     by Sharon Wheat

"Abstract # 42 "     by Celie Placzek

Seraphina ... nude study

"Seraphina"     by Robin Hultgren

Table & Chairs, Bodie

"Table & Chairs, Bodie"     by Terry Ryder

"Shamed"     by Cheryl Laube

"Water Tower"     by Gene Dominique