Berkeley Fine Art Photographers         ..... Exhibit at Nelly's Java Gallery, Oakland.





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© 2010

The following images are included in the second BFAP group exhibit at Nelly's Java Gallery, Oakland: July 2011.

Palace of Fine Arts

"Palace of Fine Arts"     by Terry Ryder

"Castro on Mykonos"     by Hiro Morimoto

Moon Flower

"Moon Flower"     by Sharon Wheat

Ancient Pier

" Hudson River Pilings "     by Michael Slack

Pier Dog

"Pier Dog"     by Robin Hultgren

"Mr. Mom"     by Cheryl Laube

  Boston Stock Exchange

"Boston Stock Exchange"     by Len Blau

"Lobster Shack "     by Celie Placzek

In the Fog

"In the Fog "     by Barbara Lee

"Autumn"     by Alan Steinbrugge

"Spirit of the Waterfall II"     by Hiro Morimoto